Apr 26, 2018

#23 - That’s a no from me, dawg

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No COTW this week, but we will have one next week. 

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Apr 19, 2018

#22 - AR-15’s in the dumpster

I feel as if there is a better place for those rifles... should we start our own "rifle recycling company" and see if we can take them off their hands? Just trying to do my part.


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Apr 12, 2018

#21 - False attacks on religious liberty

School dress codes are often a point of contention. But what does that have to do with the gun debate? Listen and find out. Also, silly clergymen say silly things. What an interesting week!


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Apr 5, 2018

#20 - Two left hooks

Another shorter episode. A case of the week involving a professional boxer, as well as repealing the Second Amendment. Check out the Self Defense Radio Network website. It got a facelift this week!

Mar 29, 2018

#19 - March for our… ignorance

A short episode this week, but a good one. A CRAZY case of the week from Andrew that involves an armed robbery and a high speed pursuit at over 100 mph ... but it may not be what you would think. Also, I go on a rant about the hypocrisy of the Left. 


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Mar 22, 2018

#18 - D.C. vs Heller

In this episode we go in-depth with the Supreme Court case D.C. v Heller (2008). What does the 2nd Amendment mean? How do we interpret it? Collective right or individual right? This case discusses all of it.


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"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." These words are NEVER outdated. Keep up the fight.



Mar 15, 2018

#17 - Black people own guns too?? w/ Joel Patrick

Show Notes


Joel Patrick joins us for an interview about his social media activism and the ways that the Left attacks him for being a black conservative. Check out his content on Facebook: JoelPatrickFB


I play audio clips of interviews I did at the 2nd Amendment rally in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday. Meeting Hickok45 was an awesome experience. Check out video footage from the rally at our new YouTube page. Click the YouTube link in the sidebar ----> 

Mar 15, 2018

One Generation

One generation. That’s how long the Constitution protects your 2nd Amendment rights. The Bill of Rights was written for two reasons: to legally establish the natural rights of the People, and to inform the People of their natural rights. I would argue that the latter is infinitely more important. The Constitution is merely a document. It does not hunger, it does not want, and it surely does not fight to preserve your rights. The People, that’s you and me, have to do the fighting. Within one generation of bad textual interpretations, poor historical analysis, biased Supreme Court judges, and caving Republican congressman, the Constitution can be gutted beyond recognition.


“The glory of justice and the majesty of law are created not just by the Constitution… but by the men and women who constitute our society - who are the protectors of the law as they are themselves protected by the law.” - Robert Kennedy

As American citizens, we have a duty and responsibility to enforce our rights, not just trust an unresponsive government to not trample on them. We must remain active and never assume our rights are safe. One of the barriers that seems exclusive to the second amendment is that a large portion of the American people are working in opposition to their own rights. The history of mankind has been a struggle to escape the bonds of tyranny. The American Left has decided to run in the other direction. There is no quick and easy fix for this, but gun education is a start. Teaching history is a start.

Mar 8, 2018

#16 - Protection requires work w/ Ryan Michler

Show Notes


The host and founder of the show ORDER OF MAN Ryan Michler joins me for an interview. We just scratch the surface of an important conversation, so if you like what you hear from Ryan grab his new book here:  Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men


New self defense case of the week from Andrew Branca. This week's case is out of Arizona. 


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Mar 2, 2018

We don’t want your guns

"Nobody is trying to take away your guns." This is perhaps the biggest lie that the Left tells when it comes to firearms. In February of 2018, YouGov conducted a poll of 1500 U.S. adults on gun control. The question asked was "Do you favor or oppose the following gun control measures?" One of the measures was "Banning semi-automatic weapons". Notice that it says weapons and not just rifles. That means that the question was asking about banning the vast majority of all firearms in the country. Here are the results of the poll:



Source: YouGov Poll Pg. 47


Those in favor of this ban total 55% in addition to 12% being unsure. So, close to 70% are unopposed to a ban on the vast majority of American firearms. Now to be fair, given that Americans today are very uneducated when it comes to firearm technology and terminology, it may be the case that a lot of the people polled simply assumed that this was referring to only AR-15s and similar "assault rifles". However, that is entirely speculation and even if it were true, anti-gunners in Congress that would pass gun control like this are equally as ignorant. So, these numbers are scary.


Data like this reveals why the Right must not give an inch of ground. Even if we take the Left at their word that they only want to ban "x" and nothing else, as soon as it has no effect on gun crime they will want more. It is 100x easier to lose a right than to get it back. Let's not play the game of moving goalposts in the first place. Deal?

Mar 1, 2018

#15 - There’s a gun in the oven w/ Vic Ferrari

Show Notes

Interview with 20 year NYPD veteran Vic Ferrari who has a never ending supply of hilarious stories. Check out his new book NYPD: Through the Looking Glass.

To an outsider, the New York City Police Department is a mysterious well-oiled machine responsible for maintaining law and order in the world's greatest city while looking brilliant in blue. However, things are not always what they appear to be and may surprise you.
New York City has over eight million people residing in its five boroughs, covering over three hundred square miles. To run this three ring circus you need a thirty-five thousand member police department with a sense of humor. After a memorable twenty-year career, New York City Police detective Vic Ferrari shares his colorful stories while pulling no punches about the funnier side of the world's largest police department.
You might be surprised to learn that moving a corpse to avoid working late is not a good idea. Or how hiding a gun in your oven can ruin an evening. And, what about the time there was gunfire inside a crowded cemetery during a funeral procession? Or the practical jokes that went too far. And, all the NYPD Precinct nicknames! The unofficial NYPD glossary and much more!

NYPD: Through the Looking Glass is a behind scenes look into the NYPD filled with action, suspense, and nonstop laughs! A must read for cop buffs, true crime readers and anyone with a sense of humor!


Law of Self Defense Case of the Week


Short Weekly NARCs


As always, thank you to our music sponsors FAZETONE and EARTH JONES

Feb 27, 2018

Deception in Ohio

An extreme gun control bill, SB 260 has been introduced into the Ohio State Senate. It is a very deceptive and unconstitutional piece of legislation. If you live in the great state of Ohio as I do, this should concern you. If you live in another state, this is just as important for you to be aware of because chances are this is happening in your state as well. And even if it isn’t, it’s happening on the federal level. So what is SB 260? The bill is titled:


“To amend section 109.52 and to enact sections 109.67 and 2923.171 of the Revised Code to prohibit a person from knowingly possessing or acquiring an assault weapon and to require the Attorney General to prepare for the establishment of a firearm and ammunition transactions database.”   SB260, introduced 2/20/18

 After reading the text of the bill, it is clear that this bill was written to deceive. As with most gun control bills (and I have read a lot of them) the authors are taking advantage of the fact that those in the political center probably won’t read the bill. They will just take the media at their word that this bill is "common sense" gun reform. This bill does essentially three things:


  1. Outlaws the sale of assault rifles
  2. Outlaws the ownership of assault rifles
  3. Creates a database of gun and ammo purchases

 Those on the Left are likely in favor of this legislation, and those on the Right are likely against it. Those in the Center, if we assume the center is OK with gun ownership minus “assault weapons”, are being deceived by this legislation.  When the Left introduces legislation that they know is unpopular, such as a large scale gun ban, they hide their motives in definitions. This is how SB 260 defines “assault weapon”:


As used in this section, "assault weapon" means an automatic firearm that has not been rendered permanently inoperable, a semi-automatic firearm capable of accepting a detachable magazine with the capacity to accept ten or more cartridges, and a semi-automatic firearm with a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept ten or more cartridges.   Page 3(Source Link)

 Based on this definition, my concealed carry pistol is an “assault weapon”.  It’s a semi-automatic that accepts detachable 15 round magazines. But if you don’t read the bill, you don’t know that. The Left counts on you picturing the AR-15 when they say they have an “assault weapons bill”. This is not a new tactic, the Left has been doing this for years. We need to stop this legislation and all others like it around the country. One of the best ways to do that is to inform those who think that they are supporting an assault weapons ban of what is actually in these bills. The AR 15 is the most hated weapon in America by anti-gunners, but understand that it is being used as a front for the real goal of the Left: to take our guns. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s in the text.

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