#13 - The place smelled like a pickle jar w/ Bryce Towsley


Show Notes

Segment 1: Interview with Bryce Towsley

This was an excellent interview. Bryce and I talked for about an hour after the show about so much stuff. One of the coolest parts about being in the internet radio industry is meeting and spending time with knowledgable and highly successful people. The actual interview is just a taste, but I know you will enjoy hearing from Bryce. Find him at brycetowsley.com.

Segment 2: Weekly NARCs

A LOT of news from this past week. It is always hard to decide what goes into the show. I touch on the recent shooting in Florida and how the media is lying to you. 

Segment 3: Law of Self Defense Case of the Week

This week's case involves fire, guns, and Texas. It is very interesting and you don't want to miss it!